Be a pioneer in patient experience

The Salve platform gives you the power to transform your clinic, with more productive staff, happier patients and increased revenue.

  • Everything in one place

    Patients can easily access everything they need for treatment via a clinic branded app

  • Secure video calls

    The video calling feature is NHS and HIPAA-compliant. It integrates with your calendar and patients access it through their app – no need to download extra software.

  • Secure messaging

    Patients can message your clinic when it suits them. It’s efficient, effective and means no more long phone calls or confusing voicemails.

  • Payments

    Improve revenue collection by allowing your patients to manage one-off and recurring payments within the app.

  • Customizable forms

    Digitally collect information from your patients and upload directly to your EMR.

  • Automated reminders

    Message your patients about medication and appointments automatically – improving compliance and reducing no-shows.

  • Automated follow-ups

    Salve Intelligent Delivery Engine (SIDE™) automatically provides support to patients throughout their treatment – reducing the need for manual follow-ups.

Cut phone calls by up to 40%

Streamline communication with real-time, secure messaging

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Improve revenue collection

Simple payments at the touch of a button

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Go paperless

Digitize the patient journey and phase out paper

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Engage patients

Automated reminders, educational content and video consultations.

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Re-invent your patient journey

With the Salve Intelligent Delivery Engine (SIDE™), you can engage people automatically – from before they start treatment, all the way to repeat cycles.

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  • Before

    Early engagement
    The patient downloads Salve at their first contact with your clinic
  • Early on-boarding
    Patients receive your marketing info via the app
  • Patient-uploaded medical histories
    Uploading saves time before the First Consultation
  • During

    Easy communication
    Secure messaging with clinic reassures patients. Messages saved automatically into the patient record
  • Personalized treatment guidance
    Patient receives automated medication and appointment reminders, with supporting information.
  • Post

    Patient-reported outcomes
    Patient reports outcomes easily within the app, and the information is fed back into their record.
  • Cryo-storage payments
    Patient gives consent for cryo-storage, receives an invoice and pays it – all within the app.
  • Re-engage patients
    Your clinic automatically maintains contact with the patient ahead of future cycles and collects feedback and reviews.
Jonathan Koslover

Jonathan Koslover

Managing Director at Manchester Fertility

Salve has changed the atmosphere and operation of the clinic. Staff are more clear and in control. Significantly reduced nonurgent phone calls means colleagues have more time to provide the high level of service we pride ourselves on
Debbie Evans

Debbie Evans

Director of Nursing & Clinical Services at HEFC

Salve has greatly improved our communication channels with our patients. Overall we have reduced the volume of calls to the nurses by 40%.

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Great idea and made life during treatment easier for us... My partner could use it as well which kept us both on top of things.

App Store

Finally! A decent app for IVF I’ve been waiting a long time for a good treatment app and the fact that Salve is directly connected to the clinic is even better. Medications and appointments appear almost immediately after being scheduled with helpful reminders beforehand.

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Amazing app - highly recommend This app is great! It made our experience of IVF very different from the last… in a good way. The messaging was super useful as was having all my info on hand and easy to understand - highly recommend using it!

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An invaluable tool! Salve has been so so useful for us going through treatment. Used it every day, kept me on track and communication with the clinic was made so simple.

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Amazing! Absolutely love this app! It made the whole treatment for IVF (medication, appointments etc.) so much easier Ask your fertility clinic if they use it, and if they don’t, tell them they should!

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Genius This app was a lifesaver for me as going through it alone and was briliant. Really useful

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