10 minutes with London Women’s Clinic

By Luke - Clinic Partnerships on 26th February, 2021

We caught up with London Women’s Clinic (LWC) to see how Salve is benefitting their staff and helping to improve patient experience as we roll out across all of their LWC clinics as well as London Egg Bank.

What was it that made LWC consider something like Salve? 

At LWC, we have a long history of innovation in patient care and we are always interested in new technologies that can benefit our patients as well as our clinic operations. After learning about the Salve platform and its features and functionality, we came to the view that its implementation would be consistent with our vision to further support our patients throughout their time with us. We like that appointment, medication, and clinic information (to name just a few features) is all available at the click of a button, giving patients the overview they need of their journey with us.

How did you come to pick a provider and what was it that made you choose Salve? 

We were looking for user-friendly, efficient technology that not only met our patient needs but enhanced their overall experience with us. We wanted to work with a forward-thinking company that would continue to look at ways to develop their platform which helps us stay ahead of the curve with our patient offering. 

How did you find the process of getting set up with Salve? 

The team at Salve have been professional and supportive every step of the way, helping us to integrate and implement the new technology across our clinics and making sure we were appropriately set up ahead of launch. A clear, well-structured plan was put in place making it easier for our team to accommodate the integration within our busy clinics – everything was seamless and delivered in a timely manner. Salve also played an effective role in our training sessions to help our team members quickly get to grips with the platform.

What kind of feedback have you received from your patients about using Salve and how do you think it’s impacted them? 

Feedback is extremely important to us at LWC, particularly when implementing new technology and processes that we hope will have a really positive impact for our patients. Following the launch of Salve across a few of our clinics, we checked in with some of our patients who are currently using the app. The feedback has been very positive. Common themes have included the ease of the sign-up process, how useful the reminders for medications and appointments are, as well as the benefits of having all the information they need in one place.

Have you had any feedback from your team about using Salve? What impact do you think it’s had on both them and the wider organisation?

The team say Salve has helped to enhance a handful of internal processes and reduce admin time. Thanks to the app, patients need to make fewer phone calls and emails as they have more of the information they need whenever they need it. 

We’re so happy that 5 of your clinics are now using Salve. How have you found the scaling aspect of the Salve integration and do you plan on rolling Salve out to more of your clinics over time? 

Yes we do. We’re working hard with the Salve team to roll the platform out to the rest of our clinics. We’re looking forward to having this completely embedded company-wide, so our other clinics can reap the benefits we’ve experienced so far. 

Have you got any other comments about your experience so far with Salve?

We’re pleased to have developed such a strong relationship with Salve. We’re looking forward to seeing what new features and developments you have in store for us that’ll further empower our patients and benefit our clinic team, keeping us at the forefront of world-class fertility care.

A big thank you to the Operations team, Emma Groundwater & Ruby Walker at LWC for their time speaking with us about the benefit Salve is having on their LWC clinics, London Egg Bank and patients.