Get to know SIDE

By Jane - Product Manager on 29th January, 2021

There are so many smart features that make up the Salve app, and we want to help you really get to know them. Each month, we’ll be shining a light on one of those features, kicking off January with our Product Manager, Jane, taking a deep dive into logic engine SIDE   – the feature helping clinics to reduce human error and improve efficiency. 

What exactly is SIDE?

SIDE is the powerful logic engine our app uses that’s completely customisable and can deliver useful, automated content at any stage of the patient journey. 

What’s so good about it?

SIDE  saves clinics precious time. It automates workflows and safeguards against human error while offering a much more responsive service for patients. You can use it to set up rules based on triggers like:

  • Medication added to your EMR

  • Appointment type added to your scheduler 

  • Certain outcomes recorded by the patient 

Then, based on a set of conditions we’ll put in place, it works to automatically send your patients things like:

  • Additional content 

  • Messages

  • Videos

  • Questionnaires

  • Payment links (in the future)

  • And much more

How’s SIDE different from a CRM system?

We like to think of it as PRM (Patient Relationship Management) rather than CRM. SIDE is directly integrated with the EMR, so can respond to clinical actions automatically. That means clinic processes don’t change but a lot of time is saved, and admin overheads reduced.

Time saving

The team have reported significant reductions in clinic phone calls and we believe this to be due to the drip-fed guidance our patients now receive via SIDE. This saves huge amounts of time, meaning the team can focus their attention on giving the best possible care. 

Reducing non-compliance quote

Since implementing SIDE, we have noticed that patients are demonstrating more compliant behaviour. Things like, remembering to bring their ID, arranging transport home from the clinic after egg collection, etc. We didn’t realise how much time this wasted until we eliminated the problem! 


We have yet to run analysis, but it seems as though the SIDE rules targeted at re-engaging patients are really working. We have always tried to manage post-treatment support as well as we can, but obviously in a busy clinic, this is not always possible and is never consistent. It’s reassuring to know that this is happening in the background and without having to fork out for an expensive CRM!

Think SIDE could benefit your business?

Get in touch! We’d love to work with you in a consultative manner to assess your workflows and analyse the key areas along the patient journey where your clinic or patient experience is impacted. For clinics, we can reduce the chance of human error and improve your efficiency. For patients, we can encourage more compliant behaviour by offering a more responsive service (particularly out of clinic hours), so it really is such a beneficial feature all round.

Get in touch with us to chat further and for a more detailed demo.